Double Layer Terrazzo Tiles!

Double-layer tiles are made of cement and chips consisting of, namely, two layers. The first layer is made of a semi-wet mixture with water/cement ratio of 0,6. This mixture, which is the exposed part of the tile and is the same as the mixture for single-layer, is made by planetary mixing machines that mix grey or white cement, chips, marble powder, coloring pigments and, of course, water.
Xem kết quả xổ số miền bắc The second layer, instead, is a poor and semidry mixture, made of grey cement, sand and very little water. This mixture is the bottom of the tile and has no aesthetic function; it is charged into the mould right before the pressing


Indoor use: private houses, schools, libraries, museums, hospitals, airports, shopping centers (polished).
Xem kết quả xổ số miền bắc Outdoor places: such as squares, courtyards, sidewalks, seafront promanades, parkings, old town centers and vehicle resilient drives.


The most popular sizes are:
200×200 to combine with patterned tiles
250×250 the most productive and popular size for indoors for its low costs.
300×300 – 333×333 typical of the central Europe countries and of some Mediterranean countries.
400×400 – 500×500 – 400×600 – 600×600 for vast and public places.

Physic Characteristics

After 28 days

Binder Portland Cement
Aggregates Marble
Max size of chips 4-15 mm
Specific weight 2.30 kg/dm3
Flexure strength 6-8 N/mm2
Compression strength 60-80 N/mm2
Water absorption 6,0-6,5 (% in weight)
Reaction to fire Class 0
Reaction to frost and defrost Resistant