Single Layer Terrazzo Tiles!

Single layer tiles are composed of one single layer of a mixture made of white or grey cement , marble powder, marble chips, coloring pigments and water.
They are tiles studied to be thin and light in weight. This ensures low transport costs and the possibility to be used in multilevel buildings and for restorations and wall covering. The single-layer products have first-class physic characteristics that can compete with other high level products.


Xem kết quả xổ số miền bắcIndoors spaces, private houses, airports, banks, supermarkets, hotels, halls and lounges for floors and wall coverings (flat, shot blasted or bush hammered). It is often applied on the old floors in restorations.


All sizes are possible, from the smallest tiles to the biggest slabs:

  • 200×200 to be combined with decorated tiles
  • 300×300 – 333×333 typical of center European and some Mediterranean Countries.
  • 400×400 – 600×600 for large public spaces
  • 1200×350 – 1200×400 – 1200×600 for steps
  • 1500×400 – 1500×500 for kitchen tops, bars and bathrooms

Physical characteristics

After 28 days

Binder Portland Cement
Aggregates Marble
Max size of chips 4-5 mm
Specific weight 2.50 kg/dm3
Resistance to flexion 10-12 N/mm2
Resistance to compression 90-100 N/mm3
Resistance to abrasion 6430-460 mm3
Water Absorption 4,0-4,5 (% in peso)
Reaction to frost and defrost Resistant